Bet You Didn’t Know: Staff Spotlight

First up: Dr. Nicolas

Anjali Elmore

You see staff members in the hallway, teaching in the classroom, teaching over zoom, cleaning the cafeteria, monitoring the halls, and coaching sports teams, but the sad truth is, what do we really know about them outside of this role they are in at school? What are their favorite hobbies? Favorite TV show? Do they have any pets?

This column is for you to get to know your favorite staff members outside of school. You will learn who they are as people and what their lives are like.

First up is our very own Dr. Nicholas:

Dr. Nicolas with her husband, Thomas, and twins Sam and Hadley.

Outside of school, Dr. Nicholas loves to read, watch HGTV, go shopping at TJ Maxx and spend quality time with her kids and her dogs. She has three dogs – two mixed breeds, and one spaniel. At the moment, her favorite TV show is Shitt’s Creek.

Sam and Hadley with two of the three Nicolas’ dogs.

When asked about what sports she played growing up, she was completely honest with us.  “I am completely talentless when it comes to athletics,” she said. She did mention that she played softball (and sat bench most of the time) and rode horses. Her favorite sports teams to watch are Fern Creek’s teams.

Dr. Nicholas’s favorite food is Italian. She is originally from New Jersey and misses the food there terribly! Her favorite restaurant is Old School NY Pizza, and her favorite candy is Twix.

A side to Dr. Nicholas that you may not have known about is that she loves to travel. One of her favorite trips was to Greece while she was in college. She said it was a magical trip and that she would love to go back.

An interesting fact about Dr. Nicholas she was voted Most Dramatic in high school! Dr. Nicholas wants all of you to know that she misses having you all in the building. “It’s just not the same without you here” Dr. Nicolas said.

We are certainly living in crazy times and it sucks not being able to meet in person. With that being said, I hope this article is an outlet for you to get to know the staff that misses everyone so much.

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