Hitting the Net

Sheyenne Santiago

Volleyball had a short lived season due to the CoronaVirus pandemic. The amount of games played, practices, and entrances to the games were drastically changed because of the strict rules enforced by the school district to keep everyone safe and from sickness. 

Covid enforced many restrictions upon the volleyball season. From the start of the season, players had few practices. Many of the players said they only participated in 2-4 practices, half of the “practices” being tryouts. Practices usually held for four hours before the pandemic, but now practices dropped to one hour. Before being able to start the few practices, the players had to fill out a survey about their surroundings prior to entering the gym. Also, their temperatures were taken. Every ball used had to be sprayed and everyone had to wear a mask during the practices. 

A few of the girls brought out the positive outcomes of the covid ridden season. Baylee Wilson #12 said, “ I got better at passing and hitting, and I recovered from an injury last year.”

As for the actual games of the season it was far more short than usual. Junior Varsity went 3-3 and Varsity went 4-2. At the games, the chairs for the sidelines were all distanced from each other because of the six feet measures. One of the games ultimately resulted in a shortened season. As the Fern Creek Volleyball team came upon contact with teams who had players with the virus, their season was cut short.