Alumni Spotlight

Catching up with Armon Wells


Cameron Faulkner

Once a student and a football player at Fern Creek High School, Armon Wells is now a junior and a football player at Centre College. His college experience has been a roller coaster. During his first year, he and his team won a conference championship and even had a chance to play in the NCAA tournament.

During his sophomore year, Armon declared International Studies as his major but later realized that being a majoring in politics was more for him.

Armon also did a lot of traveling with his football team in the southern region of the United States during his Sophomore year. They visited many cities and even got to practice at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Afterward they got an exclusive tour of the stadium and meal.

Like everyone, the pandemic cut Wells’ school year short. He described the experience as “challenging but helpful.”

“Being disconnected from friends and family can be discouraging, but I also achieved the best GPA of my Centre career,” he said. 

Now that he is starting to go back to normal classes, his GPA is even better than it was last semester. Wells describes life after Fern Creek as “fast paced and challenging, but manageable.”

Wells is excited to graduate in May 2022.